Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Installing the HTTP Module for Tomcat

This topic describes how to install the HTTP session management module for Tomcat.

  1. If you do not already have Tomcat installed, download the desired version from the Apache Website.
  2. The HTTP Session Management Module for Tomcat is included in the Geode installation package. After you install Apache Geode, you will find the module in the tools/Modules directory of the installation.

  3. Unzip the module into the $CATALINA_HOME directory or wherever you installed the application server.

  4. Copy the following jar files to the lib directory of your Tomcat server ($CATALINA_HOME/lib):

    • antlr jar
    • commons-io jar
    • commons-lang jar
    • commons-validator jar
    • fastutil jar
    • geode-commons jar
    • geode-core jar
    • geode-logging jar
    • geode-management jar
    • geode-serialization jar
    • javax.transaction-api jar
    • jgroups jar
    • log4j-api jar
    • log4j-core jar
    • log4j-jul jar
    • micrometer-core jar
    • shiro-core jar