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The Apache Geode team welcomes contributors who want to support the Geode technology. Our community builds everything from this website, from the Geode code to documentation and best practices information.

We especially welcome additions and corrections to the documentation, wiki, and website to improve the user experience. Bug reports and fixes and additions to the Apache Geode code are welcome. Helping users learn best practices also earns good karma in our community.



Perfect if you build apps against Apache Geode or deploy Apache Geode, and a great place to start if you have a question.

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Live Chat and Geode Clubhouse


The Geode team is always ready to answer questions on StackOverflow

Geode ClubHouse

We meet periodically online for discussions around specific features, detailing internals and discuss on-going issues on JIRA at the Geode Clubhouse. All meetings are recorded and videos are available in our YouTube channel.


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  • Amey Barve
  • Adib Saikali
  • Alan Strait
  • Amogh Shetkar
  • Anil Gingade
  • Anilkumar Gingade
  • Anthony Baker
  • Ashvin Agrawal
  • Asif Shahid
  • Avinash Dongre
  • Barry Oglesby
  • Ben Reser
  • Bruce Schuchardt
  • Bruce Szalwinski
  • Catherine Johnson
  • Chip Childers
  • Christian Tzolov
  • Dan Smith
  • Darrel Schneider
  • Dave Barnes
  • Dave Muirhead
  • David Yozie
  • Deepak Dixit
  • Dick Cavender
  • Edin Zulich
  • Ernest Burghardt
  • Eric Shu
  • Galen O’Sullivan
  • Gideon Low
  • Greg Chase
  • Hemant Bhanawat
  • Henry Saputra
  • Hitesh Khamesra
  • Jacob Barrett
  • Jags Ramnarayan
  • Jan Iversen
  • Jared Stewart
  • Jason Huynh
  • Jens Deppe
  • Jianxia Chen
  • Jinmei Liao
  • Joey McAllister
  • John Blum
  • Justin Erenkrantz
  • Karen Smoler Miller
  • Ken Howe
  • Ketan Deshpande
  • Kevin Duling
  • Kirk Lund
  • Kishor Bachhav
  • Konstantin Boudnik
  • Konstantin Ignatyev
  • Lise Storc
  • Luke Shannon
  • Lyndon Adams
  • Lynn Gallinat
  • Lynn Hughes-Godfrey
  • Mark Bretl
  • Michael Schubert
  • Mike Stolz
  • Nabarun Nag
  • Namrata Thanvi
  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Nilkanth Patel
  • Nitin Lamba
  • Qihong Chen
  • Rahul Diyewar
  • Randy May
  • Roman Shaposhnik
  • Sai Boorlagadda
  • Severine Tymon
  • Shatarupa Nandi
  • Shirish Deshmukh
  • Sonal Agarwal
  • Soubhik Chakraborty
  • Sourabh Bansod
  • Stephane Maldini
  • Stuart Williams
  • Sudhir Menon
  • Sunil Jigyasu
  • Supriya Pillai
  • Suranjan Kumar
  • Suyog Bhokare
  • Swapnil Bawaskar
  • Swati Sawant
  • Tushar Khairnar
  • Udo Kohlmeyer
  • Vince Ford
  • Vinesh Prasanna Manoharan
  • Vivek Bhaskar
  • Wes Williams
  • William A. Rowe Jr.
  • William Markito
  • Will Schipp
  • Xiaojian Zhou
  • Yogesh Mahajan

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