Apache Geode Native C++ Reference 1.15.0
apache::geode::client::CacheableKey Class Referenceabstract

Represents a cacheable key. More...

#include <CacheableKey.hpp>

Inherits apache::geode::client::Serializable.

Inherited by apache::geode::client::CacheableDate, apache::geode::client::CacheableEnum, apache::geode::client::CacheableString, and apache::geode::client::PdxSerializable [virtual].

Public Member Functions

virtual int32_t hashcode () const =0
 return the hashcode for this key. More...
virtual size_t objectSize () const
 return the size in bytes of the instance being serialized. More...
virtual bool operator== (const CacheableKey &other) const =0
 return true if this key matches other. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
 Display this object as 'string', which depends on the implementation in the subclasses. More...

Static Public Member Functions

template<class _T >
static std::shared_ptr< CacheableKeycreate (_T value)
 Factory method that creates the key type that matches the type of value. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a cacheable key.

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

template<class _T >
static std::shared_ptr< CacheableKey > apache::geode::client::CacheableKey::create ( _T  value)

Factory method that creates the key type that matches the type of value.

For user defined derivations of CacheableKey, the method apache::geode::client::CacheableKey::create may be overloaded.

◆ hashcode()

◆ objectSize()

virtual size_t apache::geode::client::Serializable::objectSize ( ) const

return the size in bytes of the instance being serialized.

This is used to determine whether the cache is using up more physical memory than it has been configured to use. The method can return zero if the user does not require the ability to control cache memory utilization. Note that you must implement this only if you use the HeapLRU feature.

Reimplemented in apache::geode::client::CacheableDate, apache::geode::client::CacheableEnum, apache::geode::client::CacheableString, and apache::geode::client::PdxInstance.

◆ operator==()

virtual bool apache::geode::client::CacheableKey::operator== ( const CacheableKey other) const
pure virtual

◆ toString()

virtual std::string apache::geode::client::Serializable::toString ( ) const

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