Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Upgrading Clients

When you upgrade your Geode server software, you will likely need to update your client applications in order to maintain compatibility with the upgraded servers. To support real-world implementations, servers can usually interoperate with a few different versions of the client software. In general, you will have best performance and reliability if:

  • All clients run the same version of the client software.
  • Clients and servers both run the latest versions of their respective software.

Changes you may need to make when you update, recompile, and link your client code include:

  • Removing or replacing obsolete identifiers
  • Reinstating secure client/server messaging

Remove or Replace Obsolete Identifiers

Review the Release Notes for a list of classes, methods, and other identifiers that are no longer present in the current release. Update client code so it no longer uses any of these removed identifiers.