Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Execute a set of GFSH commands.

Commands that normally prompt for additional input will instead use default values.

Availability: Online or offline.

Note: Some commands specified in the file require online status.


run --file=value [--quiet(=value)?] [--continue-on-error(=value)?]

Table 1. Parameters
Name Description Default Value
‑‑file Required. Path of the file scripted with commands that gfsh recognizes. Path should be relative or absolute.  
‑‑quiet Specifies whether to show command output.

Note: All commands in a script are run non-interactively when the run command is used. This option does not change that functionality.

‑‑continue-on-error Specifies whether further execution of the script should continue if there is an error while executing one of the commands fails. false

Table 1. Run Parameters

Example Commands:

run --file=create-regions.gfsh --quiet=true

(2) From command line:
prompt> /home/user1/gemfire70/bin/gfsh run ./create-regions.gfsh --quiet=true
prompt> /home/user1/gemfire70/bin/gfsh run ./create-regions.gfsh 

Sample Output:

gfsh>run --file=create-regions.gfsh
1. Executing - create region --name=region4 --type=REPLICATE

Member  | Status
------- | --------------------------------------
server2 | Region "/region4" created on "server2"
server1 | Region "/region4" created on "server1"

2. Executing - create region --name=region1/subregion1 --type=LOCAL

Parent region for "region1/subregion1" doesn't exist.