Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Deploy JAR-packaged applications to a member or members.

Only one of either --jars or --dir may be specified.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


deploy [--groups=value(,value)*] [--jars=value(,value)*] [--dir=value]

Name Description
‑‑groups Group(s) to which the specified JARs will be deployed. If this option is not specified, the deployment will occur on all members.
‑‑jars Path(s) of the JAR(s) to deploy.
‑‑dir Directory from which to deploy the JARs.

Table 1. Deploy Parameters

Example Commands:

deploy --jars=group1_functions.jar --groups=Group1

deploy --dir=libs/group1-libs --groups=Group2

Sample Output:

gfsh> deploy --jars=group1_functions.jar --groups=Group1

 Member   |     Deployed JAR     |                Deployed JAR Location            
--------- | -------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------
datanode1 | group1_functions.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group1_functions.jar#1
datanode2 | group1_functions.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group1_functions.jar#1

gfsh> deploy --dir=libs/group1-libs --groups=Group2

Deploying files: group2_functions.jar, group2_dependencies.jar
Total file size is: 0.64MB

Continue?  (Y/n): Y

 Member   |      Deployed JAR       |             Deployed JAR Location            
--------- | ----------------------- | ---------------------------------------------
datanode3 | group2_functions.jar    | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_functions.jar#1
datanode3 | group2_dependencies.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_dependencies.jar#1 
datanode4 | group2_functions.jar    | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_functions.jar#1
datanode4 | group2_dependencies.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_dependencies.jar#1