Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Changing the File Specifications

You can change all file specifications in the gemfire.properties file and at the command line.

Note: Geode applications can use the API to pass java.lang.System properties to the cluster connection. This changes file specifications made at the command line and in the gemfire.properties file. You can verify an application’s property settings in the configuration information logged at application startup. The configuration is listed when the gemfire.properties log-level is set to config or lower.

This invocation of the application, testApplication.TestApp1, provides non-default specifications for both the cache.xml and gemfire.properties files:

java -Dgemfire.cache-xml-file=\
/gemfireSamples/examples/dist/cacheRunner/queryPortfolios.xml \
-DgemfirePropertyFile=defaultConfigs/gemfire.properties \

The gfsh start server command can use the same specifications:

gfsh>start server \
--J=-Dgemfire.cache-xml-file=/gemfireSamples/examples/dist/cacheRunner/queryPortfolios.xml \

You can also change the specifications for the cache.xml file inside the gemfire.properties file.

Note: Specifications in gemfire.properties files cannot use environment variables.

Example gemfire.properties file with non-default cache.xml specification:

#Tue May 09 17:53:54 PDT 2006