Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Execute a set of GFSH commands.

Commands that normally prompt for additional input will instead use default values.

Availability: Online or offline.

Note: Some commands specified in the file require online status.


run --file=value [--quiet(=value)?] [--continue-on-error(=value)?]

Table 1. Parameters
Name Description Default Value
--file Required. Path of the file scripted with commands that gfsh recognizes. Path should be relative or absolute.  
--quiet Specifies whether to show command output.

All commands in a script are run non-interactively when the run command is used. This option does not change that functionality.

--continue-on-error Specifies whether further execution of the script should continue if there is an error while executing one of the commands fails. false

Table 1. Run Parameters

Example Commands:

run --file=create-regions.gfsh --quiet=true

(2) From command line:
prompt> /home/user1/gemfire70/bin/gfsh run ./create-regions.gfsh --quiet=true
prompt> /home/user1/gemfire70/bin/gfsh run ./create-regions.gfsh 

Sample Output:

gfsh>run --file=create-regions.gfsh
1. Executing - create region --name=region4 --type=REPLICATE

Member  | Status
------- | --------------------------------------
server2 | Region "/region4" created on "server2"
server1 | Region "/region4" created on "server1"

2. Executing - create region --name=region1/subregion1 --type=LOCAL

Parent region for "region1/subregion1" doesn't exist.