Apache Geode CHANGELOG

JMX Manager Operations

Any member can host an embedded JMX Manager, which provides a federated view of all MBeans for the cluster. The member can be configured to be a manager at startup or anytime during its life by invoking the appropriate API calls on the ManagementService.

You need to have a JMX Manager started in your cluster in order to use Geode management and monitoring tools such as gfsh and Geode Pulse.

To create MBeans, a Security Manager must be enabled. See Enable Security with Property Definitions for more information.

Note: Each node that acts as the JMX Manager has additional memory requirements depending on the number of resources that it is managing and monitoring. Being a JMX Manager can increase the memory footprint of any process, including locator processes. See Memory Requirements for Cached Data for more information on calculating memory overhead on your Geode processes.