Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Echo the given text, which may include system and user variables.

The command can also echo gfsh environment properties (using ’set variable’ command) if variable name is pre-pended with ’$’ - like UNIX.

See Useful gfsh Shell Variables for a list of gfsh environment variables.

Availability: Online or offline.


echo [--string=value]

Name Description
--string String to be echoed. For example, SYS_USER variable is set to ${SYS_USER}.

Table 1. Echo Parameters

Example Commands:

echo --string="Hello World!"
echo --string="Hello World! This is ${SYS_USER}"
echo --string=${APP_FETCH_SIZE}

To see all the variable set in the shell:

echo --string=$*

Sample Output:

gfsh>echo --string=${SYS_JAVA_VERSION}
Post substitution: echo --string=1.8.0_60