Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Delta Propagation

Delta propagation allows you to reduce the amount of data you send over the network by including only changes to objects rather than the entire object.

  • How Delta Propagation Works

    Delta propagation reduces the amount of data you send over the network. You do this by only sending the change, or delta, information about an object, instead of sending the entire changed object. If you do not use cloning when applying the deltas, you can also expect to generate less garbage in your receiving JVMs.

  • When to Avoid Delta Propagation

    Generally, the larger your objects and the smaller the deltas, the greater the benefits of using delta propagation. Partitioned regions with higher redundancy levels generally benefit more from delta propagation. However, in some application scenarios, delta propagation does not show any significant benefits. On occasion it results in performance degradation.

  • Delta Propagation Properties

    This topic describes the properties that can be used to configure delta propagation.

  • Implementing Delta Propagation

    By default, delta propagation is enabled in your cluster. When enabled, delta propagation is used for objects that implement org.apache.geode.Delta. You program the methods to store and extract delta information for your entries and to apply received delta information.

  • Errors In Delta Propagation

    This topic lists the errors that can occur when using delta propagation.

  • Delta Propagation Example

    This topic provides an example of delta propagation.