Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Region Shortcuts

This topic describes the various region shortcuts you can use to configure Geode regions.

Region shortcuts are groupings of pre-configured attributes that define the characteristics of a region. You can use a region shortcut as a starting point when configuring regions and you can add additional configurations to customize your application. To reference a region shortcut in a Geode cache.xml file, use the refid attribute of the <region> element. For example:

<region name="myRegion" refid="PARTITION_REDUNDANT"/>

You can override the default values and add additional configurations within a <region-attributes> element of the cache.xml file. For example, the following configuration overrides the local-max-memory setting and adds the recovery-delay attribute:

<region name="myRegion" refid="PARTITION_REDUNDANT">

You can also create your own, named region shortcuts for common custom configurations. See Region Shortcuts and Custom Named Region Attributes.

To configure a region using the gfsh command-line tool, specify the shortcut name with the --type argument. For example:

gfsh>create region --name=myRegion --type=PARTITION_REDUNDANT

Note: If you change the cache.xml file that defines a region, you must restart the member before the changes take effect.

For more information about configuring regions, see Region Management.

For more information about using the various types of Geode regions and when to use them, see Region Types.

For a quick reference listing all region shortcuts, see Region Shortcuts Quick Reference.