Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Default File Specifications and Search Locations

Each file has a default name, a set of file search locations, and a system property you can use to override the defaults.

To use the default specifications, place the file at the top level of its directory or jar file. The system properties are standard file specifications that can have absolute or relative pathnames and filenames.

Note: If you do not specify an absolute file path and name, the search examines all search locations for the file.

Default File Specification Search Locations for Relative File Specifications Available Property for File Specification
  1. current directory
  2. home directory
As a Java system property, use gemfirePropertyFile
  1. current directory
In gemfire.properties, use the cache-xml-file property

Examples of valid gemfirePropertyFile specifications:

  • /zippy/users/jpearson/gemfiretest/gemfire.properties
  • c:\gemfiretest\gemfire.prp
  • myGF.properties
  • test1/gfprops

For the test1/gfprops specification, if you launch your Geode system member from /testDir in a Unix file system, Geode looks for the file in this order until it finds the file or exhausts all locations:

  1. /testDir/test1/gfprops
  2. <yourHomeDir>/test1/gfprops
  3. under every location in your CLASSPATH for test1/gfprops