Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Standard Java Serialization

You can use standard Java serialization for data you only distribute between Java applications. If you distribute your data between non-Java clients and Java servers, you need to do additional programming to get the data between the various class formats.

Standard Java types are serializable by definition. For your domain classes, implement java.io.Serializable, then make sure to mark your transient and static variables as needed for your objects. For information, see the online documentation for java.io.Serializable for your Java version.

Mixing DataSerializable with Serializable or PdxSerializable use on the same data can result in increased memory use and lower throughput than using just Serializable on the entire data, especially if the Serializable entries are in collections. The bigger the data collection, the lower the throughput as the metadata for the collection entries is not shared when using DataSerializable.