Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Running gfsh Commands on the OS Command Line

You can run some gfsh commands directly from your operating system’s prompt by preceding the command with gfsh. This can be useful for Unix shell or Windows batch scripting. For example:

$ gfsh start locator --name=locator2 --port=10335

To see which gfsh commands are available directly on the prompt:

$ gfsh help

Running Multiple gfsh Commands on the OS Command Line

To run multiple commands directly on the command line, use the -e option followed by the gfsh command within quote marks. For example:

prompt>gfsh -e "start locator --name=locator1" -e "start server --name=server1"

prompt>gfsh -e "start jconsole"

prompt>gfsh -e "connect --locator=remotehost[10334]" -e "rebalance" -e "gc"