Apache Geode CHANGELOG

backup disk-store

Back up persistent data from all members to the specified directory.

The specified directory must exist on all members, but it can be a local directory on each machine. This command ensures that backup files are not corrupted by concurrent operations. Backing up a running system using the operating system copy command is not recommended.

You can also use this command to perform an incremental backup. See Creating Backups for System Recovery and Operational Management for more information on incremental backup.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


backup disk-store --dir=value [--baseline-dir=value]

Table 1. Backup Disk-Store Parameters
Name Description
--dir Required. Directory to which backup files are written.
--baseline-dir Directory that contains the baseline backup used for comparison during an incremental backup.

An incremental backup operation backs up any data that is not present in the directory specified in --baseline-dir. If the member cannot find previously backed up data or if the previously backed up data is corrupt, the command performs a full backup on that member.

Table 1. Backup Disk-Store Parameters

Example Commands:

backup disk-store --dir=data/backups

backup disk-store --dir=data/backup/disk-store --baselineDir=data/backups/2012-09-24-17-08-50

Sample Output:

gfsh>backup disk-store --dir=data/backups
The following disk stores were backed up successfully

Member  |                 UUID                 |              Directory               | Host
------- | ------------------------------------ | ------------------------------------ | ---------------
server2 | a6bb11f0-0baa-45c9-b23e-64876d02a586 | c:\PivotalGemFire70\Latest\server2\. |
server1 | 8dc365bd-c086-4af4-99d0-86b0b521aa04 | c:\PivotalGemFire70\Latest\server1\. |