Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Query Language Restrictions and Unsupported Features

At a high level, Geode does not support the following querying features:

  • Indexes targeted for joins across more than one region are not supported
  • Static method invocations. For example, the following query is invalid:

    SELECT DISTINCT * FROM /QueryRegion0 WHERE aDay = Day.Wednesday
  • You cannot create an index on fields using Set/List types (Collection types) that are not comparable. The OQL index implementation expects fields to be Comparable. To workaround this, you can create a custom Collection type that implements Comparable.

  • ORDER BY is only supported with DISTINCT queries.

  • In the Geode model, attributes and methods are resolved at runtime during query execution. This means that OQL queries are not pre-validated for references to nonexistent methods and attributes. In addition, there are some specific limitations on partitioned region querying. See Partitioned Region Query Restrictions.