Apache Geode CHANGELOG

set variable

Set variables in the GFSH environment.

Set GFSH variables that can be used by commands.

You can use the echo command to view the value of a variable. For example, to see a list of all environment variables and their current values, use the following command:

gfsh>echo --string=$*

See Useful gfsh Shell Variables for a description of preset environment variables.

Availability: Online or offline.


set variable --name=value --value=value

Name Description
‑‑name Required. Name for the variable. Name must only be composed of letters, numbers and the “_” character and may not start with a number.
‑‑value Required. Value that the variable will be set to.

Table 1. Set Variable Parameters

Example Commands:

set variable --name=APP_COLLECTION_LIMIT --value=10
set variable --name=FOO --value="foo"
set variable --name=BAR --value="bar"

Sample Output:

gfsh>set variable --name=APP_COLLECTION_LIMIT --value=10
Value for variable APP_COLLECTION_LIMIT is now: 10.

gfsh>set variable --name=BAR --value="bar"
Value for variable BAR is now: "bar".