Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Tools and Modules

Tools and Modules describes tools and modules associated with Apache Geode.

  • gfsh

    gfsh (pronounced “jee-fish”) provides a single, powerful command-line interface from which you can launch, manage, and monitor Geode processes, data, and applications.

  • Gemcached

    Gemcached is a Geode adapter that allows Memcached clients to communicate with a Geode server cluster, as if the servers were memcached servers. Memcached is an open-source caching solution that uses a distributed, in-memory hash map to store key-value pairs of string or object data.

  • HTTP Session Management Modules

    The Apache Geode HTTP Session Management modules provide fast, scalable, and reliable session replication for HTTP servers without requiring application changes.

  • Geode Pulse

    Geode Pulse is a Web Application that provides a graphical dashboard for monitoring vital, real-time health and performance of Geode clusters, members, and regions.

  • Geode Redis Adapter

    The Geode Redis adapter allows Geode to function as a drop-in replacement for a Redis data store, letting Redis applications take advantage of Geode’s scaling capabilities without changing their client code. Redis clients connect to a Geode server in the same way they connect to a Redis server, using an IP address and a port number.

  • Apache Lucene® Integration

    The Apache Lucene® integration enables users to create Lucene indexes and execute Lucene searches on data stored in Geode.