Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Cluster and Cache Configuration

To work with your Apache Geode applications, you use a combination of configuration files and application code.

  • Cluster Members

    Cluster members are programs that connect to a Geode cluster. You configure members to belong to a single cluster, and you can optionally configure them to be clients or servers to members in other clusters, and to communicate with other clusters.

  • Setting Properties

    Geode provides a default cluster configuration for out-of-the-box systems. To use non-default configurations and to fine-tune your member communication, you can use a mix of various options to customize your cluster configuration.

  • Options for Configuring the Cache and Data Regions

    To populate your Apache Geode cache and fine-tune its storage and distribution behavior, you need to define cached data regions and provide custom configuration for the cache and regions.

  • Local and Remote Membership and Caching

    For many Apache Geode discussions, you need to understand the difference between local and remote membership and caching.