Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Geode provides a SQL-like querying language called OQL that allows you to access data stored in Geode regions.

Since Geode regions are key-value stores where values can range from simple byte arrays to complex nested objects, Geode uses a query syntax based on OQL (Object Query Language) to query region data. OQL is very similar to SQL, but OQL allows you to query complex objects, object attributes, and methods.

  • Querying FAQ and Examples

    This topic answers some frequently asked questions on querying functionality. It provides examples to help you get started with Geode querying.

  • Querying with OQL

    This section provides a high-level introduction to Geode querying such as building a query string and describes query language features.

  • Advanced Querying

    This section includes advanced querying topics such as using query indexes, using query bind parameters, querying partitioned regions and query debugging.

  • Working with Indexes

    The Geode query engine supports indexing. An index can provide significant performance gains for query execution.