Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Exceptions and System Failures

Your application needs to catch certain classes to handle all the exceptions and system failures thrown by Apache Geode.

  • GemFireCheckedException. This class is the abstract superclass of exceptions that are thrown and declared. Wherever possible, GemFire exceptions are checked exceptions. GemFireCheckedException is a Geode version of java.lang.Exception.
  • GemFireException. This class is the abstract superclass of unchecked exceptions that are thrown to indicate conditions for which the developer should not normally need to check. You can look at the subclasses of GemFireException to see all the runtime exceptions in the GemFire system; see the class hierarchy in the online Java API documentation. GemFireException is a Geode version of java.lang.RuntimeException. You can also look at the method details in the Region API javadocs for Geode exceptions you may want to catch.
  • SystemFailure. In addition to exception management, Geode provides a class to help you manage catastrophic failure in your cluster, particularly in your application. The Javadocs for this class provide extensive guidance for managing failures in your system and your application. See SystemFailure in the org.apache.geode package.

To see the exceptions thrown by a specific method, refer to the method’s online Java documentation.

A Geode system member can also throw exceptions generated by third-party software such as JGroups or java.lang classes. For assistance in handling these exceptions, see the vendor documentation.