Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Multicast Communication

You can make configuration adjustments to improve the UDP multicast performance of peer-to-peer communication in your Geode system.

Before you begin, you should understand Geode Basic Configuration and Programming. See also the general communication tuning and UDP tuning covered in Socket Communication and UDP Communication.

  • Provisioning Bandwidth for Multicast

    Multicast installations require more planning and configuration than TCP installations. With IP multicast, you gain scalability but lose the administrative convenience of TCP.

  • Testing Multicast Speed Limits

    TCP automatically adjusts its speed to the capability of the processes using it and enforces bandwidth sharing so that every process gets a turn. With multicast, you must determine and explicitly set those limits.

  • Configuring Multicast Speed Limits

    After you determine the maximum transmission rate, configure and tune your production system.

  • Run-time Considerations for Multicast

    When you use multicast for messaging and data distribution, you need to understand how the health monitoring setting works and how to control memory use.

  • Troubleshooting the Multicast Tuning Process

    Several problems may arise during the initial testing and tuning process for multicasting.