Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Configuring Disk Stores

In addition to the disk stores you specify, Apache Geode has a default disk store that it uses when disk use is configured with no disk store name specified. You can modify default disk store behavior.

  • Designing and Configuring Disk Stores

    You define disk stores in your cache, then you assign them to your regions and queues by setting the disk-store-name attribute in your region and queue configurations.

  • Disk Store Configuration Parameters

    You define your disk stores by using the gfsh create disk-store command or in <disk-store> subelements of your cache declaration in cache.xml. All disk stores are available for use by all of your regions and queues.

  • Modifying the Default Disk Store

    You can modify the behavior of the default disk store by specifying the attributes you want for the disk store named “DEFAULT”.