Apache Geode CHANGELOG

execute function

Execute functions on members or regions.

execute function

Execute the function with the specified ID. By default, the function executes on all members.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


execute function --id=value [--groups=value(,value)*]
[--members=value(,value)*] [--region=value] 
[--arguments=value(,value)*] [--result-collector=value] [--filter=value]

--id Required. ID of the function to execute.
--groups One or more groups of members on which this function should be executed.
--members Name/ID of the member(s) on which the function will be executed.
--region Region on which the data dependent function will be executed.
--arguments Arguments to the function in comma separated string format.
--result-collector Fully qualified class name of the ResultCollector to instantiate for gathering results.
--filter Key list which causes the function to only be executed on members which have entries with these keys.

Table 1. Execute Function Parameters

Example Commands:

execute function --id=InterestCalculations --region=/InterestRegion
execute function --id=InterestCalculations --members=server1
execute function --id=InterestCalculations --groups=Group1