Apache Geode CHANGELOG

How Data Loaders Work

By default, a region has no data loader defined. Plug an application-defined loader into any region by setting the region attribute cache-loader on the members that host data for the region.

The loader is called on cache misses during get operations, and it populates the cache with the new entry value in addition to returning the value to the calling thread.

A loader can be configured to load data into the Geode cache from an outside data store. To do the reverse operation, writing data from the Geode cache to an outside data store, use a cache writer event handler. See Implementing Cache Event Handlers.

How to install your cache loader depends on the type of region.

Data Loading in Partitioned Regions

Because of the huge amounts of data they can handle, partitioned regions support partitioned loading. Each cache loader loads only the data entries in the member where the loader is defined. If data redundancy is configured, data is loaded only if the member holds the primary copy. So you must install a cache loader in every member where the partitioned attributes local-max-memory is not zero.

If you depend on a JDBC connection, every data store must have a connection to the data source, as shown in the following figure. Here the three members require three connections. See Configuring Database Connections Using JNDI for information on how to configure data sources.

Note: Partitioned regions generally require more JDBC connections than distributed regions.

Data Loading in Distributed Regions

In a non-partitioned distributed region, a cache loader defined in one member is available to all members that have the region defined. Loaders are usually defined in just a subset of the caches holding the region. When a loader is needed, all available loaders for the region are invoked, starting with the most convenient loader, until the data is loaded or all loaders have been tried.

In the following figure, these members of one cluster can be running on different machines. Loading for the distributed region is performed from M1.

Data Loading in Local Regions

For local regions, the cache loader is available only in the member where it is defined. If a loader is defined, it is called whenever a value is not found in the local cache.