Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Common Geode Configuration Changes for AppServers

Overriding Region Attributes

When using the HTTP Session Management Module, you cannot override region attributes directly on the cache server. You must place all region attribute definitions in the region attributes template that you customize within the application server. For example, to specify a different name for the region’s disk store, you could add the new disk-store-name specification to the region attributes template and then reference the template on the cache server.


Then on the cache server side, reference the modified region attributes template to allow the region to use the disk-store-name attribute:

<region name="gemfire_modules_sessions" refid="MY_SESSIONS"/>

Next, you must specify the region attributes ID as a value for the region_attributes_id parameter in web.xml. For example, if you want to enable the region-attributes in the above example for a specific Web application, you would configure the Web application’s web.xml in the following manner: