Apache Geode CHANGELOG


Remove an entry from a region.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


remove --region=value [--key=value] [--all(=value)?] [--key-class=value]

Name Description Default Value
--key String or JSON text that will be used to create a key to retrieve a value .  
‑‑key‑class Fully qualified class name of the key’s type. key constraint for the current region or String
--region Required. Region from which to remove the entry.  
--all A boolean value that, when true, clears the region by removing all entries. This option is not available for partitioned regions. false

Example Commands:

gfsh>remove --region=/region1 --key=('id': '133abg134')
gfsh>remove --region=/region1 --key=('id': '133abg134') --key-class=data.ProfileKey 
gfsh>remove --region=/region1 --all=true

Error Messages:

"Region name is either empty or Null"

"Key is either empty or Null"

"Value is either empty or Null"

"Region <{0}> not found in any of the members"

"Region <{0}> Not Found"

"Key is not present in the region"

"Option --all is not supported on partitioned region"