Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Distributed and Replicated Regions

In addition to basic region management, distributed and replicated regions include options for things like push and pull distribution models, global locking, and region entry versions to ensure consistency across Geode members.

  • How Distribution Works

    To use distributed and replicated regions, you should understand how they work and your options for managing them.

  • Options for Region Distribution

    You can use distribution with and without acknowledgment, or global locking for your region distribution. Regions that are configured for distribution with acknowledgment can also be configured to resolve concurrent updates consistently across all Geode members that host the region.

  • How Replication and Preloading Work

    To work with replicated and preloaded regions, you should understand how their data is initialized and maintained in the cache.

  • Configure Distributed, Replicated, and Preloaded Regions

    Plan the configuration and ongoing management of your distributed, replicated, and preloaded regions, and configure the regions.

  • Locking in Global Regions

    In global regions, the system locks entries and the region during updates. You can also explicitly lock the region and its entries as needed by your application. Locking includes system settings that help you optimize performance and locking behavior between your members.