Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Performance Controls

This topic provides tuning suggestions of particular interest to developers, primarily programming techniques and cache configuration.

Before you begin, you should understand Apache Geode Basic Configuration and Programming.

  • Data Serialization

    In addition to standard Java serialization, Geode offers serialization options that give you higher performance and greater flexibility for data storage, transfers, and language types.

  • Setting Cache Timeouts

    Cache timeout properties can modified through the gfsh alter runtime command (or declared in the cache.xml file) and can also be set through methods of the interface, org.apache.geode.cache.Cache.

  • Controlling Socket Use

    For peer-to-peer communication, you can manage socket use at the system member level and at the thread level.

  • Management of Slow Receivers

    You have several options for handling slow members that receive data distribution. The slow receiver options control only to peer-to-peer communication between distributed regions using TCP/IP. This topic does not apply to client/server or multi-site communication, or to communication using the UDP unicast or IP multicast protocols.

  • Increasing the Ratio of Cache Hits

    The more frequently a get fails to find a valid value in the first cache and has to try a second cache, the more the overall performance is affected.