Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Geode Micrometer

Geode uses Micrometer to provide an interface for emitting user focused metrics, instrumented in code, to a variety of different consuming Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools. Geode has Micrometer instrumentation added to a subset of information available, which can be easily emitted from a Meter Registry.

By default, Micrometer is enabeled and can emit metrics to any meter registry. However, time-based meters are available only when the time-statistics property is turned on.

The API is currently marked experimental. The MetricsSession and MetricsPublishingService interfaces may change.

  • Micrometer configuration and publishing

    Using Micrometer may require configuration, and in order to emit Micrometer metrics to one of the supported APM tools, or to a custom format/tool, a Meter Registry and accompanying publishing service will need to be used.

  • Micrometer meters and tags

    Geode contains a set of meters, instrumented statistics, that provide information about each individual member of a cluster. Every member within a Geode cluster will can emit a set of meters of different types, timer, gauge, and counters that are specific to the member. Each meter has a set of common tags, a name/value pair, that helps users identify where a meter is located in the cluster. There are also meter specific tags that vary based on the meter itself.