Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Managing System Output Files

Geode output files are optional and can become quite large. Work with your system administrator to determine where to place them to avoid interfering with other system activities.

Geode includes several types of optional output files as described below.

  • Log Files. Comprehensive logging messages to help you confirm system configuration and to debug problems in configuration and code. Configure log file behavior in the gemfire.properties file. See Logging.

  • Statistics Archive Files. Standard statistics for caching and distribution activities, which you can archive on disk. Configure statistics collection and archival in the gemfire.properties, archive-disk-space-limit and archive-file-size-limit. See the Reference.

  • Disk Store Files. Hold persistent and overflow data from the cache. You can configure regions to persist data to disk for backup purposes or overflow to disk to control memory use. The subscription queues that servers use to send events to clients can be overflowed to disk. Gateway sender queues overflow to disk automatically and can be persisted for high availability. Configure these through the cache.xml. See Disk Storage.