Apache Geode CHANGELOG

revoke missing-disk-store

Instruct the member(s) of a cluster to stop waiting for a disk store to be available.

Only revoke a disk store if its files are lost as it will no longer be recoverable after revoking is initiated. Use the “show missing-disk-store” command to get descriptions of missing disk stores.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


revoke missing-disk-store --id=value

Name Description
--id Required. ID of the missing disk store to be revoked.

Table 1. Revoke Missing-Disk-Store Parameters

Example Commands:

revoke missing-disk-store --id=60399215-532b-406f-b81f-9b5bd8d1b55a

Sample Output:

gfsh>revoke missing-disk-store --id=60399215-532b-406f-b81f-9b5bd8d1b55a
Missing disk store successfully revoked

Error Messages:

Example of revoke missing-disk-store when the disk store cannot be found:

gfsh> revoke missing-disk-store --id=60399215-532b-406f-b81f

Unable to find missing disk store to revoke