Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Browsing Geode MBeans through JConsole

You can browse all the Geode MBeans in your cluster by using JConsole.

To view Geode MBeans through JConsole, perform the following steps:

  1. Start a gfsh prompt.
  2. Connect to a running cluster by either connecting to a locator with an embedded JMX Manager or connect directly to a JMX Manager. For example:

    gfsh>connect --locator=locator1[10334]


    gfsh>connect --jmx-manager=locator1[1099]
  3. Start JConsole:

    gfsh>start jconsole

    If successful, the message Running JDK JConsole appears. The JConsole application launches and connects directly to the JMX Manager using RMI.

  4. On the JConsole screen, click on the MBeans tab. Expand GemFire. Then expand each MBean to browse individual MBean attributes, operations and notifications.

    The following is an example screenshot of the MBean hierarchy in a Geode cluster: