Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Configuring Disk Free Space Monitoring

To modify disk-usage-warning-percentage and disk-usage-critical-percentage thresholds, specify the parameters when executing the gfsh create disk-store command.

gfsh>create disk-store --name=serverOverflow --dir=c:\overflow_data#20480 \
--compaction-threshold=40 --auto-compact=false --allow-force-compaction=true \
--max-oplog-size=512 --queue-size=10000 --time-interval=15 --write-buffer-size=65536 \
--disk-usage-warning-percentage=80 --disk-usage-critical-percentage=98

By default, disk usage above 80% triggers a warning message. Disk usage above 99% generates an error and shuts down the member cache that accesses that disk store. To disable disk store monitoring, set the parameters to 0.

To view the current threshold values set for an existing disk store, use the gfsh describe disk-store command:

gfsh>describe disk-store --member=server1 --name=DiskStore1

You can also use the following DiskStoreMXBean method APIs to configure and obtain these thresholds programmatically.

  • getDiskUsageCriticalPercentage
  • getDiskUsageWarningPercentage
  • setDiskUsageCriticalPercentage
  • setDiskUsageWarningPercentage

You can obtain statistics on disk space usage and the performance of disk space monitoring by accessing the following statistics:

  • diskSpace
  • maximumSpace
  • volumeSize
  • volumeFreeSpace
  • volumeFreeSpaceChecks
  • volumeFreeSpaceTime

See Disk Space Usage (DiskDirStatistics).