Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Standard Client/Server Deployment

In the most common client/server topology, a farm of cache servers provides caching services to many clients. Cache servers have a homogeneous data store in data regions that are replicated or partitioned across the server farm.

The client/server data flow proceeds as follows:

  • Cache servers send their address and load information to the server locator, if locators are used.
  • If locators are used, clients request server connection information from the locator. The locator responds with the address of the least-loaded server.
  • The client pool checks its connections periodically for proper server load balancing. The pool rebalances as needed.
  • Clients can subscribe to events at startup. Events are streamed automatically from the servers to client listeners and into the client cache.
  • Client data updates and data requests that the client cache does not fulfill are forwarded automatically to the servers.