Apache Geode CHANGELOG

restore redundancy

Restore redundancy to partitioned regions and optionally reassign which members host the primary copies.

The default is for all partitioned regions to have redundancy restored and to reassign primary hosts. If any region that would have redundancy restored is a member of a colocated group, all other regions that are part of that group will also have their redundancy restored. This behavior takes precedence over any included or excluded regions specified as part of the command. See Data Colocation Between Regions

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


restore redundancy [--include-region=value(,value)*] [--exclude-region=value(,value)*] [--reassign-primaries(=value)]
Name Description Default Value
‑‑include‑region Partitioned Region paths to be included for restore redundancy operation. Includes take precedence over excludes.
‑‑exclude‑region Partitioned Region paths to be excluded for restore redundancy operation.
‑‑reassign‑primaries If false, this operation will not attempt to reassign which members host primary buckets. true

Example Commands:

restore redundancy
restore redundancy --include-region=/region3,/region2 --exclude-region=/region1

Sample Output:

restore redundancy --include-region=/region3,/region2 --exclude-region=/region1

Number of regions with zero redundant copies = 0
Number of regions with partially satisfied redundancy = 0
Number of regions with fully satisfied redundancy = 2

Redundancy is fully satisfied for regions:
  region3 redundancy status: SATISFIED. Desired redundancy is 2 and actual redundancy is 2.
  region2 redundancy status: SATISFIED. Desired redundancy is 1 and actual redundancy is 1.

Total primary transfers completed = 224
Total primary transfer time (ms) = 4134