Apache Geode CHANGELOG

gfsh Command Help

This section provides help and usage information on all gfsh commands, listed alphabetically.

  • alter

    Modify an existing Geode resource.

  • backup disk-store

    Back up persistent data from all members to the specified directory.

  • change loglevel

    Changes the logging level on specified members.

  • clear defined indexes

    Clears all the defined indexes.

  • close

    Close durable client CQs and durable clients.

  • compact

    Compact online and offline disk-stores.

  • configure

    Configure Portable Data eXchange for all the cache(s) in the cluster.

  • connect

    Connect to a jmx-manager either directly or via a locator.

  • create

    Create async-event-queues, disk-stores, gateway receivers, gateway senders, indexes, and regions.

  • debug

    Enable or disable debugging output in gfsh.

  • define index

    Define an index that can be used when executing queries. Then, you can execute a single command to create multiple indexes all at once using create defined indexes.

  • deploy

    Deploy JAR-packaged applications to a member or members.

  • describe

    Display details of a member’s configuration, shell connection, disk-stores, members, or regions.

  • destroy

    Delete or unregister functions, remove indexes, gateway senders, gateway receivers, disk stores and regions.

  • disconnect

    Close any active connection(s).

  • echo

    Echo the given text, which may include system and user variables.

  • execute function

    Execute functions on members or regions.

  • exit

    Exit the gfsh shell. You can also use quit to exit the shell.

  • export

    Export configurations, data, logs and stack-traces.

  • gc

    Force GC (Garbage Collection) on a member or members.

  • get

    Display an entry in a region.

  • help

    Display syntax and usage information for all the available commands.

  • hint

    Display information on topics and a list of commands associated with a topic.

  • history

    Show or save the command history.

  • import

    You can import data into a region or import an existing cluster configuration into the cluster.

  • list

    List existing Geode resources such as deployed applications, disk-stores, functions, members, servers, and regions.

  • load-balance gateway-sender

    Causes the specified gateway sender to close its current connections and reconnect to remote gateway receivers in a more balanced fashion.

  • locate entry

    Locate a region entry on a member.

  • netstat

    Report network information and statistics via the “netstat” operating system command.

  • pause gateway-sender

    Pause a gateway sender.

  • pdx rename

    Renames PDX types in an offline disk store.

  • put

    Add or update a region entry.

  • query

    Run queries against Geode regions.

  • rebalance

    Rebalance partitioned regions.

  • remove

    Remove an entry from a region.

  • restore redunadancy

    Restore redundancy to partitioned regions and optionally reassign which members host the primary copies.

  • resume gateway-sender

    Resume any gateway senders that you have paused.

  • revoke missing-disk-store

    Instruct the member(s) of a cluster to stop waiting for a disk store to be available.

  • run

    Execute a set of GFSH commands.

  • set variable

    Set variables in the GFSH environment.

  • sh

    Execute operating system commands.

  • show

    Display deadlocks, logs, metrics and missing disk-stores.

  • shutdown

    Stop all members.

  • sleep

    Delay gfsh command execution.

  • start

    Start servers, locators, gateway senders and gateway receivers, and monitoring tools.

  • status

    Check the status of the cluster configuration service, partitioned region redundancy and Geode member processes, including locators, gateway receivers, gateway senders, and servers.

  • stop

    Stop gateway receivers, gateway senders, locators and servers.

  • undeploy

    Undeploy the JAR files that were deployed on members or groups using deploy command.

  • validate offline-disk-store

    Validate offline disk stores.

  • version

    Display product version information.