Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Federated MBean Architecture

Geode uses MBeans to manage and monitor different parts of Geode. Geode’s federated MBean architecture is scalable and allows you to have a single-agent view of a Geode cluster.

Federation of Geode MBeans and MBeanServers

Federation of the MBeanServers means that one member, the JMX Manager Node, can provide a proxied view of all the MBeans that the MBeanServer hosts. Federation also means that operations and notifications are spread across the cluster.

Geode federation takes care of the following functionality:

  • MBean proxy creation
  • MBean state propagation
  • Notifications propagation
  • Operation invocation

MBean Proxy Naming Conventions

Each Geode MBean follows a particular naming convention for easier grouping. For example:


At the JMX Manager node, this MBean will be registered with GemFire/<memberId> as domain.

The following are some sample MBean names:



Use of MXBeans

In its Management API, Geode provides MXBeans to ensure that any MBeans that are created are usable by any client, including remote clients, without requiring the client to access specific classes in order to access contents of the MBean.

MBean Proxy Creation

Geode proxies are inherently local MBeans. Every Geode JMX manager member hosts proxies pointing to the local MBeans of every managed node. Proxy MBeans will also emit any notification emitted by local MBeans in managed nodes when an event occurs in that managed node.

Note: Aggregate MBeans on the JMX Manager node are not proxied.