Apache Geode CHANGELOG

locate entry

Locate a region entry on a member.

locate entry

Locate a given entry on members using the specified key. This command is useful when using partitioned regions.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


locate entry --key=value --region=value [--key-class=value] 
[--value-class=value] [--recursive=value]

Name Description Default Value
--key Required. String or JSON text from which to create a key. Examples include: “James”, “100L” and “('id': 'l34s')”.  
--region Required. Region in which to locate values.  
--key-class Fully qualified class name of the key’s type. java.lang.String
--value-class Fully qualified class name of the value’s type. java.lang.String
‑‑recursive Whether to traverse regions and subregions recursively. false

Table 1. Locate Entry Parameters

Example Commands:

locate entry --key=('id':'133abg124') --region=/region1 
--key-class=data.ProfileKey --recursive=true;

Sample Output:

gfsh>locate entry --key=('123abc') --region=region2
Result          : true
Key Class       : java.lang.String
Key             : ('123abc')
Locations Found : 2

MemberName | MemberId
---------- | -------------------------------------
server1    | GemFireStymon(server1:3692)<v1>:13487
server2    | GemFireStymon(server2:2340)<v2>:11613