Apache Geode CHANGELOG

Configuring and Running a Cluster

Use the gfsh command-line utility to configure your Apache Geode cluster. The cluster configuration service persists the cluster configurations and distributes the configurations to members of the cluster. There are also several additional ways to configure a cluster.

Use gfsh to configure regions, disk stores, members, and other Geode objects. You can also use gfsh to start and stop locators, servers, and Geode monitoring tools. As you execute these commands, the cluster configuration service persists the configuration. When new members join the cluster, the service distributes the configuration to the new members.

gfsh is the recommended means of configuring and managing your Apache Geode cluster, however you can still configure many aspects of a cluster using the older methods of the cache.xml and gemfire.properties files. See cache.xml and the Reference for configuration parameters. You can also configure some aspects of a cluster using a Java API. See Managing Apache Geode.